Note from Head of Department Mrs Saira-Paige Schoof

Our Pre-School at Abbotsford Christian School is a learning space filled with fun, laughter and love. As the first step in your child’s schooling career, the Pre-School is responsible for teaching your little ones the skills they need for “big school”. This is done through a daily programme that incorporates various Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skill activities. We also offer private extra mural activities such as Little Actors, swimming, ballet, rugby and Clay Art, which take place during the school day. We are passionate about allowing your child to make their own discoveries and to learn through play.

Our Pre-School comprises of one Grade RR class that can accommodate up to 18 children and two Grade R classes that can accommodate up to 20 children in each class. These smaller numbers ensure better attention and allows our teachers to focus on your child’s needs. We would love for you to join our ACS family, and allow your child to be part of our amazing school.


Note from Head of Department Ms Liesl Boon

The Foundation Phase is a fun and happy place where children come to learn and grow. Each new day offers its own unique experiences that are important in a child’s academic and social development. It is in this safe environment that vital building blocks are learnt that will serve as an important support for many years to come.

Intermediate Phase

Note from Head of Department Mrs Lana Kukard

The Intermediate Phase is an academically growing phase where we lean more towards hard work and dedication. Learners develop new skills daily to ensure that they are equipped with the correct abilities and skills to carry them through high school. Together, teachers and learners build towards maturity and emotional stability. This phase furthers the building blocks instilled in previous years and prepares the learners for success.

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