About Us


In 1928 a small asbestos and wooden building was the only evidence of what is today known as Abbotsford Christian School. All those years ago it was a Government School called Nahoon Causeway School. The children had no uniform or shoes, but they had a wide open space where they enjoyed their school days. The school grew and facilities were improved, but slowly numbers started dwindling and in 1990 the little school was closed down.

The visionary leaders of Christian Centre Abbotsford saw a need for Christian education, and began to realize some of that potential through an Educare Centre which was started in 1991 when the Education Department gave the buildings and the ground to the church.

The school grew continuously for many years and more grades and classrooms were added as and when the need arose. In 2009 the first Matric class wrote the IEB final examinations. Two classes for special need learners were also added and these resulted in some wonderful testimonies of lives changed through love and commitment.

In 2015 we embarked on a building project in order to double up our classes per grade. In 2016 a second Grade 1 class was added.

In 2019 a very difficult decision was made to close the High School and focus on building a successful, larger Primary School. 2019 saw our last Matrics exit. Throughout the time from 1991, the school can testify of wonderful Christian principals and staff who worked endlessly at developing our learners along with the beautiful grounds and great reputation that goes ahead of Abbotsford Christian School

At the beginning of 2022, we finally reached the goal of doubling up on all classes from Grade R to Grade 7. We have 320 learners at present and are optimistic that our numbers will grow from year to year. We offer a wide variety of sports, although we are still in the process of developing our sports grounds, as well as cultural activities to engage the not so sporty. Our media centre is well equipped to cater for the technology needs of this current generation. We believe in continually upgrading our facilities and our standards, in both the educational and spiritual aspects of school life and we trust God to help us to faithfully represent Him through our excellence.

Mission Statement

We are a school that values a high level of teaching, learning and assessing. We intentionally equip young people to think and operate from a foundation of clear biblical values. We provide a warm extended family that cares for every learner through a range of close pastoral relationships with peers, leaders and teachers.

We believe in discipline, in order and in honouring and respecting each other. We provide an environment where we seek to identify the unique talents and characteristics of every learner and value them as individuals. We stress the important skills of co-operation and teamwork.

We deliberately create many opportunities for young people to practise service and to reach out to each other.


Abbotsford Christian School prepares the hearts and minds of learners through excellent holistic education that equips them with a biblical worldview to influence society.


Our Core Values are Christian based, built upon the Word of God.


John 15:13


James 1:5


Ephesians 4:16


Isaiah 32:17


2 Corinthians 8:21